Bif Naked Hits Top 30

Platinum artist Bif Naked and Reliant Music's new single "The Only One" hits Top 30 at National Top 40 radio. Co-written and produced by Ryan Stewart. A&R and Executive producer, John Dexter.

Country star Mark Wills

John Dexter's co write, "I Will Be Waiting" is Multi-platinum U.S. country star Mark Wills' new single . Mark has had 8 top 10 US country hits and won the CMA vocalist of the year award. "I Will Be Waiting" was also a top 10 pop hit for Elektra Records group d-cru.

Fabian Manuk Sony Argentina

Sony Argentina artist Fabian Manuk has recorded four Reliant Music songs for his new album. The songs were co written by Brooke Nolan, Ryan Stewart, and SA Trackworks.

Ning Jing

Brooke Nolan's song "Ready To Love" has been recorded by Chinese movie star Ning Jing.

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